Prestige Company

Due to the importance of Turkey’s geographical location as a link between the continent of Europe and Asia, Prestige decided to open its main branch in Istanbul as a commercial center for many Arab and European countries, which made Prestige the headquarters on its territory
Why Prestige
Due to the confidence of dealing with us and our customers and based on their opinions and trust us make Prestige one of the most important shipping companies in Turkey Istanbul for the provision of integrated shipping services Air, land and sea shipping from Istanbul to any country in the world and door to door and continued home with clearance where we receive goods From any point in Istanbul with our fleet of cars deployed in all areas of Istanbul and deliver it to any point in the world with clearance and continued to the customer’s house. Our company also provides its customers with packaging, storage and free goods transportation service to our warehouses, providing the customer with peace of mind and transportation fees And the trouble of searching for how to delivery to warehouse and shipping to ensure the safety of the product to be exported and complete our responsibility as we are providing sources to buy the highest quality and lower prices as well as cargo control during manufacturing to ensure compliance with the quality standards required by the client

Air Freight

If you want to send air cargo from Turkey Istanbul to any country in the world, whether rulers or commercial goods or personal effects or identification papers and you are looking for the fastest and cheapest solution, air cargo service from Prestige is the best and cheapest and fastest for you because of the delivery services from any home In Istanbul to any house in the world with clearance within a maximum period of 3 days Being agents of the largest transport companies in the world such as Aramex, FedEx and DHL

Sea freight

If you want to ship large quantities, heavy weights, and you are looking for an economical solution that provides you with shipping service to the target country and as quickly as possible and the lowest cost and most efficient possible.
We also have a partial sea freight service from Istanbul to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates

Land shipping

We offer the fastest internal and external road freight service in Turkey, Istanbul and the best efficiency, we receive shipments from any point in Istanbul and deliver it to any point in Turkey with our fleet cars spread in all areas, Prestige company guarantees you an easy and safe road freight experience for your goods at the best prices


See you for us is the confidence to continue

Why chose us

Reasons to choose our company in all your business with confidence and honesty

Prestige is a long-established company in the field of domestic and international freight services
Headquartered in Istanbul Turkey to offer you all its services to our dear customers

Prestige offers the following services:
1- Land freight
2-Air freight
3- Sea freight
4. Fast shipping

You have to choose Prestige to transport your goods because it is the leading company in this area through dealing with hundreds of currencies and the transfer of thousands of shipments of all kinds and to all countries … It offers many services in the field of transport and shipping at very competitive prices with other companies

In order to ship with Prestige all you need is to communicate with them through phone numbers directly or one of the means of communication and there will be a staff ready to always help you and to receive and track your shipment wherever you are