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Our services in road freight … We roam the world over and over again to deliver your goods as soon as possible

Road freight to and from Turkey:

Prestige Shipping Services in Turkey We offer land shipping service from Turkey to all over the world and vice versa.

Prestige, which provides road logistics services to and from Turkey, also provides you with all the necessary facilities to get your goods to their destination such as processing the necessary paperwork and others.

If you are in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar or any other Arab or foreign country, you will need to receive the shipment information and we will pick it up from the merchant or the factory or the place of issue and ship it to your place.

Prestige Land Freight Service:

Full insurance on all cargo and shipments

Secure storage and fully equipped refrigeration mechanisms for shipments requiring this

All assembly, packaging and packaging services

Do you need customs clearance? Or prepare certain papers related to the shipment? We give you with gratitude

Counting, counting and weighting services and ensuring the integrity of specifications according to the agreements between the seller and buyer before receiving the shipment.

Various free consulting services

Door to door and in your home Ship and receive

Choose a ground freight service with Prestige?

We are proud to be one of the best and most efficient shipping company in Istanbul, Turkey.

Discounted and convenient shipping costs for our Arab brothers and startups, many customers have left us with the choice and trusted Prestige’s expertise and strength with its fleet and extensive staff.

For more than five years in Turkey and 20 years in Syria, Prestige has always been the best and only choice for all of the shipping companies.