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On the largest and most general and most scattered global vessels we ship to you shipments by sea

When talking about air cargo companies in Turkey comes Prestige company in the forefront, for many years our company has provided marine services to various customers around the world, from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Algeria and others at the level of Arab countries, Germany, Britain and others at the level of European countries.

Does Prestige ensure the safety of shipments in shipping services in Turkey?

Yes and proudly we are the only shipping company in Istanbul Turkey that offers full guarantee for all contents of the shipment at their real price!

Unlike all who provide warranty services for shipped goods, we record and deliver all invoices of guaranteed goods smoothly and safely, over the years none of our customers have lost any shipment with us.

Why sea shipping service with Prestige?

Prestige, ranked as one of the best shipping companies in Turkey, Istanbul, has for decades made its logistics services accessible to everyone at cost and average shipping rates, and best of all as quality and guarantee.

Prestige always considers the safety of your shipments and their arrival in time, every shipment we send to you is part of our success and timely arrival guarantee we always offer to our customers!