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Regular air shipments to all countries of the world continuously

Shipping to and from Turkey:

We transport the goods and documents through the most important air cargo companies in Turkey to all over the world, we receive the shipment by the door and delivered at the door, with full warranty and guarantee the safety of the shipment no matter what.

Prestige assumes responsibility for your shipment to reach its goal as soon as possible and shortest time, our services are not limited to the services of a normal shipping company in Turkey! We offer all the facilities that will ensure your convenience and ease of handling customs in Turkey.

If you are in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar or any other Arab or foreign country, you will need to receive the shipment information and we will pick it up from the merchant, the factory or the place of issue and ship it to your place.

The quality of our services and our satisfaction with our customers is what made us the best shipping company in Istanbul for our customers.

Features of Prestige Air Cargo Service:

We insure all your shipments

We offer safe and sound storage to ensure your safety

We provide all assembly, packaging and packaging services

Do you need customs clearance? Or prepare certain papers related to the shipment? We give you with gratitude

Will we receive your shipment from a dealer, factory or any factory? We provide statistics, counting and weighting services and ensure that the shipment conforms to the specifications agreed upon by the seller and buyer.

Free Miscellaneous Advisory Services! Prestige offers you all the answers to all your inquiries, no matter what they are free.

Door to door and in your home Ship and receive

Why Air Freight with Prestige?

We are proud to be the best shipping company in Istanbul Turkey with the testimony of all those who deal with us, to make the business distinctive, fun, easy and convenient is the best thing about Prestige.

We consider your shipments our shipments and strive to provide the best advice on costs, companies and types of shipments, before you make any shipment with us, we offer you our advice in a free and complete.

Many customers have left us with the choice and trusted the prestige expertise and strength of its fleet and extensive staff.

For more than five years in Turkey and 20 years in Syria, Prestige has always been the best and only choice for all of the shipping companies.