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Shipping from Turkey Istanbul to Jordan

One of the countries that Prestige provides shipping services from Turkey in Istanbul to Jordan is the State of Jordan, which enables you to ship your goods with ease and a high degree of safety and commitment to time.

Through Prestige you can ship your goods, luggage, food, furniture and more.

– Shipping methods provided by Prestige to Jordan:

First: Land Freight:

Road freight to Saudi Arabia may be via trucks or trailers, and may be loaded with a container or tanker on the back of the vehicle. Land freight is the least costly way to travel.
1. Insurance services are provided on land shipments.
2. Customs clearance service is provided.
3. Providing services to private, government and private sectors.
4. Provide packaging service.
5. Provide counting and counting service for products before shipment.

II- Sea Shipping:

Prestige provides shipping services to Jordan through vessels specialized in the transport of goods and cargo. Sea shipping is carried out in two ways; either by container shipping, or by shipping in full ships:

Shipping in containers:
The goods are shipped in large containers of iron, and the goods are transported by means of special vessels to transport the containers.

2. Shipping in full ships:
The goods are shipped in full vessels for transport and are of large sizes, through which goods of large sizes such as cement and sugar are transported.

– The most important commercial ports to which we provide shipping services in Jordan:

Prestige provides shipping services from Turkey-Istanbul to Aqaba port in Jordan.

Air freight:

The goods are shipped by airlines, so that the goods are shipped and loaded in the aircraft to Jordan.
The advantage of air freight speed and high cost, therefore, shipped meat and foods perishable by air freight.

– The most important airports in Jordan to which we provide shipping services:

Queen Alia International Airport, Amman Civil Airport, King Hussein International Airport, Azraq Air Base, Prince Hassan Air Base, and King Hussein Air Base.

-Four Express Shipping:

Courier is a special postal service for the transport and delivery of parcels, mail messages, audio tapes, CDs, medical and industrial samples and all that can be transported legally, and the courier is faster than regular mail.
Prestige ships heavy cargo from Istanbul to Jordan via courier service. The cost of shipping by courier depends on the weight of the goods shipped and after the destination to be shipped to Jordan.

– Cities shipped to Jordan:

Prestige provides shipping services to many Jordanian cities including:
Amman, Irbid, Zarqa, Madaba, Maan, Karak, Tughila, Mafraq, Azraq, Aqaba, Jerash, and other Jordanian cities

The choice of our company to be the broker and the first choice to transport your goods from Istanbul to various cities in Jordan will make the process of transport safe and far from any problems you may be afraid of your shipments, in addition, there is a full commitment to the time characterized by our company, which will make you fully satisfied with Doing business with us and makes Prestige always the first choice to ship your goods from Istanbul to Jordan.

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